Monday, October 5, 2009


Certainly one of the leading exponents of Danish Modernism was Poul Kjaerholm (1929-1980). His ascetic trademark and preoccupation with the use of steel is evidenced in many of his designs. Kjaerholm believed steel if polished and treated correctly given its innate strength and spring-like characteristics was as creditable as its organic wood counterparts. Since the latter two decades of the 20th century Fritz Hansen has been the production operative for the Kjaerholm collection. For the 25 years preceding, his designs were produced by Danish manufacturer Kold Christensen and can sourced from time to time on vintage purveyor 1stdibs. Although Kjaerholm’s seating forms typically employ leather coverings, certain designs share the option of wicker or canvas. The range of materials for that of his tables and certain chairs include steel, aluminum, glass, flint rolled marble, polyester composite and PVC/ABS plastic. Precision and simplicity best describe Kjaerholm’s aesthetic.

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PK80 leather bench, PK20 leather chairs (top)
PK58 composite table, PK8 plastic chairs (2nd)
PK22 leather chair (3rd)
PK61 glass table featured with Swan chairs by Arne Jacobsen (4th)
PK24 leather lounge, PK9 leather chair background (bottom)

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