Friday, October 9, 2009


Certainly one of the most “prolific and respected artist/designers today” is German born Ingo Maurer. Maurer’s modern lighting collection reflects his fascination with what he calls “the magical and mystical properties of light”. Since the mid 1960’s Maurer has created light forms for diverse international venues including public events and exhibitions, private commissions and fashion runways. His use of unexpected materials and objects combined with new lighting technologies is his trademark. As a result his designs are typically unmistakable. Even from his humble beginnings as a one man work shop in a cellar in Germany, Maurer’s designs received favorable reception ultimately finding their way in certain cases into the design collection at the Museum of Modern Art.

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images:(click on images to enlarge)
Bulb by Ingo Maurer (top)
Campari by Raffaele Celentano (2nd)
Floatation by Ingo Maurer (3rd)
MaxMover by Ingo Maurer (4th)
Zettle’z 6 by Ingo Maurer (bottom)

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