Saturday, October 9, 2010


The prodigious Ricardo Fasanello (1930 – 1993) was known to have built sailboats at the age of 14 and lofts at the age of 18. When he later opened his atelier in Santa Tereza, Rio de Janeiro, the studio quickly developed into a sort of design laboratory for experimenting with a wide range of materials. Steel, glass, resin, fiberglass, leather and wood were all explored to make beautiful and functional objects. The designer was inspired by mathematical shapes of curves, circles and spheres, which recalled his penchant for automobiles and speed.

The daring sofa “Fardos” was his first international success, comprised of three huge rolls in suede and bound by canvas bands. This piece was featured at the Equipment Exposition held first in Paris and then in Berlin, in 1971. The reward for his avant-garde, courageous work came in 1975, when Fasanello was invited to execute the interior design of the new building of one of the largest newspapers in Brazil, “O Estado de São Paulo”. *

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Gaivota armchair (top)
Anel chair (2nd)
Fardos sofa (3rd)
Revolving Esfera armchair (4th)
Hipopatamo armchair (bottom)