Friday, October 2, 2009


I am a firm proponent of family and friends get togethers at the dinner table at home. For those of you from my generation you may recall the expression “may I be excused” (from the table). Typically as a youngster once I had finished eating I was ready to skedaddle. As years passed I came to realize why my folks preferred that I stay at the table during family dinners or house guest dinner parties; it was a time to engage and interact. There was no watching television, cell phones didn’t even exist back then and if the house phone rang it was understood to let it ring and not answer it. Fast forward to today …. cell phones these days are an appendage, gourmet restaurants are more prevalent than ever and hectic schedules make convening sometimes difficult.

Nonetheless make it a point of breaking bread with family or friends at the dinner table at home and do so in an environment that is as pleasing as the libation & victuals. The selected imagery of dining tables and dining chairs in today’s post is intended to cast that graceful synchronization.

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Granito table with Terrazzo top by Jean Prouvé, vintage with Borge Mogensen chairs, vintage (top)
Alessandro Albrizzi glass table, vintage with Hi Pad chairs by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini (2nd)
La Basilica table by Mario Bellini for Cassina with BRNO flat bar chairs by Mies van der Rohe for Knoll (3rd)
PK54 table by Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen with PK9 chairs by Poul Kjaerholm for Fritz Hansen (4th)
Table by Zographos Designs with PP503 chairs by Hans Wegner for PP Mobler, vintage (bottom)

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