Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Headquartered in Inverigo with production units in Brianza, Poliform after nearly four decades continues to be a leader in the field of case forms. Although the family run operative has evolved to include a widely diversified collection the focus for today’s post is their extraordinary bookcase, walk-in closet and wardrobe systems. In addition to their in house design prowess the company has aligned itself with such designers Carlo Colombo and Giuseppe Bavuso for these systems and with luminaries Paola Piva, Studio Kairos, Roberto Lazzaroni, and Paola Navone for other collection furnishings.

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images:(click on images to enlarge)
Wall by CR&S Poliform (top)
Wall by CR&S Poliform (2nd)
Wall by CR&S Poliform (3rd)
Ubik by CR&S Poliform (4th)
One by Carlo Colombo (bottom)

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