Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Christopher Farr (1953 - ) and business partner Matthew Bourne have been dubbed “the catalyst that revolutionized contemporary rug design”. Farr, a trained painter transitioned from oil on canvas to dye on wool some twenty years ago in London to create hand woven "ground breaking" art forms. Farr dabbled with a contemporary aesthetic which received rave reviews by his London’s cutting edge design community. In the early 90’s Farr collaborated with The Royal College of Art to design a group of rugs for an exhibition entitled “Brave New Rugs” and several years later with Italian fashion designer Romeo Gigli. These two collaborative efforts represented a breakthrough for Farr and his designs while garnering immediate international attention. In concert with their impeccable design Farr and Bourne are steadfast about using the very best yarn, dyes and weavers making their new rug designs on par with antique rug forms. Their collection today includes designs by some thirty designers to compliment Farr’s creations totaling over 900 designs that can be modified to suit the customer’s needs and space requirements plus a color bank of over 1000 shades. The company offices stateside in Los Angeles and has aligned itself with such illustrious representation as Ralph Pucci in New York.

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