Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As in the case today modern design fanatic will from time to time also feature wonderful 20th & 21st century artists. Like his art Donald Judd (1928-1994) was direct, forceful, controversial and influential. Considered a minimalist artist Judd stridently renounced the idiom. Using humble materials as metals, plywood, concrete and Plexiglas Judd sought clarity and autonomy in his art work by using repeated forms in some cases to explore the use of space. Refusing to categorize his work as sculpture Judd emphasized they were not sculpted but made by small fabricators using industrial processes. Moreover the lack of categorical identity and comparison to other more conventional forms became part of their value. Judd’s striking use of color is evident in many of these forms as well. He believed art should not represent anything but rather stand on its own. Today the Judd Foundation is dedicated to preserving his legacy, work and installations both in Marfa Texas and at 101 Spring Street in New York City.

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Untitled (in six parts) Steel & Plexiglas c1966-1967
Untitled suite of ten woodcuts printed in ultramarine blue on Okawara paper c1988
Untitled set of four woodcuts in cadmium yellow medium c.1991-1994
Untitled ten units of green anodized aluminum c1989
Untitled painted aluminum c1989

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