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Internationally acclaimed Japanese architect Shigeru Ban (1957 - ) is perhaps most famous for his innovative work with paper, particularly recycled cardboard paper tubes. With his Western education and influences, Ban is considered one of the forerunning Japanese architects to embrace the combination of Eastern and Western building forms and methods. “For Ban, one of the most important themes in his work is the “invisible structure”. That is, he doesn't overtly express his structural elements, but rather chooses to incorporate it into the design. Ban is not interested in the ‘newest’ materials and techniques, but rather the expression of the concept behind his building. The materials he chooses to use are deliberately chosen for how they aid the building to do so.” * His works range from residential, commercial to public projects.

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Sagaponac House, South Hampton NY 2006 (top)
Takatori Catholic Church, Japan 1995/2005 (2nd)
Singapore Biennale, Singapore 2006 (3rd)
Maison S villa, Dellis Cay 2008-2009 (4th)
Nomadic Museum, New York 2005 (bottom)

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