Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Enrico Baleri founded Baleri Italia back in the mid 1980’s. The brand’s collection was representative of quality furniture and high design content. More pointedly “the path towards a personal interpretation of the design process led to the creation of a company that since the beginning developed products with strong formal and functional qualities and a commitment toward research and development and talent-scouting. In 2004 Nino Cerruti became a majority share-holder of Baleri Italia with the objective of developing a new industrial project that could also benefit from his long and successful experience in the textile and fashion businesses while remaining true to its design mission” * … hence Cerruti Baleri. Collaboration over the years with designers Alessandro Mendini, Angelo Mangiarotti, Denis Santachiara, Philippe Starck, Hannes Wettstein, Jeff Miller, Arik Levy, Ilse Crawford, Alberto Colzani, Xavier Lustand and Luigi Baroli has been a key ingredient to the brand’s success. Refer to company portal for area distribution agents.

* Excerpt from Cerruti Baleri portal.

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Images: (click on images to enlarge)
Flipt by Jeff Miller (top)
Bill by Hannes Wettstein (2nd)
Bigbend by Jeff Miller (3rd)
Littlebig by Jeff Miller (4th)
Folded by Arik Levy (bottom)

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