Monday, January 25, 2010


Established in 1913 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Pastoe is a company richly endowed with history.
The company mission is simple: “designing, producing, marketing and selling high quality, aesthetically durable furniture characterised by exceptional design quality.” In addition to several chair and table designs the Pastoe brand‘s focus is primarily cupboards, and by no means the ordinary type. Since 1918, Pastoe's manufacturing plant has been located at the Rotsoords in Utrecht. The premises are to be found on the bank of one of the Netherlands' waterways, the Vaartse Rijn, where a group of some dedicated 60 craftsmen devote skill and passion to the creation of top quality furniture.
In 1982 Pastoe took the initiative of opening the Dutch Design Center located in a section of the building.
This showroom open 6 days a week attracts a public with some 20 companies, including Pastoe. Refer to company portal for dealers/agents.

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images: (click on images to enlarge)
Vision Elements cupboard by Pierre Mazairac (top)
Vision cupboard by Pierre Mazairac, Horizontals A-Line cupboard by Shigeru Uchida (2nd)
Vision cupboard by Pierre Mazairac (3rd)
Leather Lounge by Maarten Van Severen, Vision Next by Pierre Mazairac (4th)
Quadro table by Giampaolo Babetto (bottom)

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