Tuesday, November 24, 2009


With family business roots stemming from 1865 German furniture operative Walter Knoll remains a leading maker of upholstered furniture forms and premium office facilities. As a point of interest the relationship between Walter Knoll and Florence Knoll was that of father-in-law/daughter-in-law; Walter’s son Hans married Florence and together they founded Knoll International here in America in 1938, a totally separate/non related business entity from WK. WK’s corporate strategy is based on innovation and design. Consequently, the company has successfully collaborated with renowned international designers such as Norman Foster, EOOS, Wolfgang C. R. Mezger, and Jan Kleihues. WK has received many design awards and continues to rank amongst the leading European furniture producers, setting new standards for high-quality furnishing of offices, restaurants and private homes through its clear product and design strategy.

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FK Lounge by Fabricius & Kastholm (top)
Foster 510 by Foster + Partners (2nd)
CEOO by EOOS (3rd)
Jason 390 by EOOS (4th)
Mychair by UNStudio/Ben van Berkel (bottom)

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