Monday, November 30, 2009


Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (1939 - ) is well known for his innovative designs that became pop culture staples in the 1960’s. Notably his fiberglass and plastic chairs with their simple geometric forms often appeared as set designs in period science-fiction productions; the clear and suspended Bubble chair, the hollow sphere on a stand Ball chair, and the floating Pastil chair. Aarnio continues to create new designs including toys and furniture for children. Companies that produce Aarnio’s artistic forms include Adelta, Magis, Studio Eero Aarnio, Innojok and Martela. Refer to for maker of design.

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images: (click on images to enlarge)
L-R: Flamingo floor lamp, Pony upholstered foam chair, Ball chair, Double Bubble floor lamp XL (top)
Bubble chair (2nd)
Puppy (3rd)
Pastill chairs (4th)
Parable table (bottom)


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