Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In 1953, along with his brother Fulgenzio, Osvaldo Borsani founded Tecno Spa, a project for which he worked his whole life in order to develop standard production with reference to that of design. The company’s first industrial designs were the P40 adjustable armchair and the D70 reversible seat sofa. In 1968 it was the office system Graphis (together with Eugenio Gerli and coming into vogue around the world in a million copies) thanks to which Tecno became a world-leading manufacturer in design for the office. Borsani designed most of Tecno's iconic designs: Graphis, the D70 sofa, the P40 lounge-chair and the small tables T1 and T2. Towards the late 60’s Tecno began collaborating with external designers to include Norman Foster, Gae Aulenti, Mario Bellini, Renzo Piano, Piero Lissoni, Raphael Moneo, Jean Francois Bodin, and Ricardo Bofill. Email info@tecnospa.com for company distribution and representation.

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P40 lounge chair by Osvaldo Borsani (top)
Graphis by Osvaldo Borsani (2nd)
D70 sofa by Osvaldo Borsani (3rd)
Nomos by Norman Foster (4th)
T1 & T2 by Osvaldo Borsani (bottom)

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