Monday, April 12, 2010


Founded as Figli di Giovanni Galimberti, Flexform initially specialized in the production of lacquered and upholstered furniture. In 1959 the name changed and the focus of production turned to high contemporary design featuring work by designers such as Cini Boeri, Joe Colombo, Sergio Asti, Rodolfo Bonetto, Paola Nava, Antonio Citterio, Gabriele Mucchi, Giulio Manzoni, Mario Asnago, and Claudio Vender. Notably the inventive design work of architect Antonio Citterio led not only to the collections of small armchairs and accessories but also to a range of large sofas – warm islands of comfort consisting of variously sized modular elements that radically changed the concept of socializing and inhabiting space. Such collections – Long Island, Groundpiece, Status, and Resort are staples for the Flexform brand. The U.S. agent for Flexform is Antonella Cremonesi / Tel & Fax 1 718 834 1003,


images: (click on images to enlarge)
Groudpiece modular sofa & end table, Jiff round table by Antonio Citterio, Thomas chair by Studio Flexform (top)
Tube chair by Joe Colombo c1969 (2nd)
Happy sofa, Kidd table by Antonio Citterio (3rd)
Moka table by Mario Asnago, Claudio Vender (4th)
Spider chair on wheels by Giulio Manzoni (bottom)

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