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Throughout his long career Italian architect and industrial designer Angelo Mangiarotti (1921 - ) has focused his efforts on the industrial process for buildings and design production, never forgetting the real needs of users. The main concept in his architecture, design and sculpture works is the rise of form through the correct use of matter and technique. The reputed designer received his architecture degree from Politecnico di Milano. He then worked in the U.S for several years where he met Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and Konrad Wachsmann contributing to his personal and professional growth. Coming back to Milan, Mangiarotti opened an architectural firm together with Bruno Morassutti. In later years he founded Mangiarotti & Associates Office in Tokyo and was art director of Colle Cristalleria. Mangiarotti, while working as an architect whose works were published in books, specialized magazines and newspapers, had an intense didactic activity at different Italian and foreign Universities. To his credit he participated in many international seminars and conferences throughout his career. In his design activity whose theoric fundamentals are expressed in the volume “in nome dell’architettura”, Mangiarotti wanted to highlight the essential characteristics of every object, since he believed only an “objective” design was able to prevent any abuse against the user itself. His design work is marked by many awards both for design and architecture. Refer to Studio Mangiarotti portal for current industrial produced designs. Mangiarotti vintage pieces are sold internationally at fine dealers and auction houses. Specifically, Ugo Casati of Casati Gallery in Chicago (portal below), is a wonderful resource on the history of Italian design and a prominent purveyor of Mangiarotti's designs.

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Angelo Mangiarotti (top)
Triforglio cocktail table for Skipper, c1971 (2nd)
Bookcase designed in conjunction Bruno Morassutti for Mascheroni, c1955 (3rd)
P-Light chandelier for Porro (4th)
Eros console for Skipper, c1970 (bottom)

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