Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Known for resuming production of select design classics by Preben Fabricius/Jorgen Kastholm and Grete Jalk, Copenhagen based Lange Production prides itself by adhering to many of the standards of the 1960’s in their design reissue. In collaboration with Jorgen Kastholm, Lange Production insured this discipline by continuing to use the same factory and tools for the original FK furniture. To compliment the FK collection Lange is proud to also provide Grete Jalk’s best known pieces of molded plywood furniture, namely the GJ chair and GJ nesting table. The GJ Chair was shown by Lange Production for the first time in 45 years at the ORGATEC fair in Cologne late 2008 and received great attention resulting in LP receiving the reddot design award in 2009 for its reissue. Refer to company portal for dealer representation.

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Images: (click on images to enlarge)
F K82 X chair, FK 90 cocktail table (top)
GK chair, GK nesting table (2nd)
FK 6720 3-seater (3rd)
FK 87 Grasshopper, FK150 Sideboard (4th)
FK 710 Skater chair (bottom)

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