Friday, July 16, 2010


Pierre Guariche (1926 – 1995) was a student of Rene Gabriel at the school of the decorative arts in Paris. In 1951 he set up his own successful business, and created models for famous editors like Airborne, Steiner, Huchers-Minvielle, or Luminalite. In 1957 Pierre Guariche went to Belgium to manage the design department of a furniture manufacturer: Meurop. Rewarded for his work on numerous occasions, as the prestigious Rene Gabriel prize in 1965, he is considered today as one of the most talented of the young generation of designers emerging at the beginning of the 1950s.*

* c/o Decopedia


images: (click on images to enlarge)
Kite wall lamp for Disderot c1950s, c/o Steven Learner Studio (top)
Tonneau chair for Steiner/Paris c1950s (2nd)
Steel rod upholstered arm chair c1950s (3rd)
Sideboard for Meubles TV c1950s (4th)
Equilibrium double-branch brass floor lamp c1950s (bottom)

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  1. Very stylish furniture. The wood seems to be very expensive. The designs seems to be unmatchable. The color of sofa matches with my curtains and wallpaper. I’m going to buy this.