Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Founded in 1984 as a result of an idea by William Sawaya and Paolo Moroni, the company bases its production on a number of exponents of contemporary design with differing cultural backgrounds and design concepts. Almost as though to pay tributes to the many jargons that have characterized form in the last two decades of Italian furniture. The result: products with a strong presence, sometimes poetic, all of them free from the constraints of trendiness
Michael graves, one of the first designers to have worked for the firm has for example imbued the design with the all-American dream of other times. Luigi Serafini has on the other hand found fertile soil for his surreal imagination, and others like Charles Jenks, Kazuo Shinohara, Oswald Matthias Ungers, Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Antonio Citterio, Toni Cordero, Ron Arad, Mario Cananzi, Richard Hutten as well as William Sawaya have put the stamp of their own historical or symbolic allusions on design for Sawaya & Moroni.

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Milana easy chair by Jean Nouvel (top)
Blade side board by William Sawaya (2nd)
Darwish cast aluminum seat by William Sawaya (3rd)
Stalactite table by Zaha Hadid (4th)
Patty Diffusa easy chair by William Sawaya (bottom)

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  1. I personally prefer to have simple design when it comes to furniture, these designs are good but not one which I would have. Anyways thank you for sharing it