Monday, May 10, 2010


Curtis Jeré is a compound nom-de-plume of artists Jerry Fels and Curtis Freiler. Their collaboration started in the late 1950s, and continued through the 1960s and 1970s. Their designs were made and marketed through their company Artisan House and included sculpture, lighting, furniture and household accessories. Their goal was to produce gallery quality art forms for the masses.Their wares were handcrafted of rich metals including copper, bronze, brass, steel, aluminum and chrome. Each piece was hand finished with intriguing surface treatments, paints and patinas. For example, pieces may incorporate ground steel, brushed stainless steel, flame-treated copper or hammered brass -- or combine two or more metals like painted brass and steel with flame treated copper. Due to the abstract nature of most Artisan House pieces, many can be hung upside down or at an angle, as well as used in multiples for a larger configuration or to create a bolder statement. C. Jeré works range from representational to highly abstract. Some of the older techniques, such as enameling and the bronzes, haven't been used in decades. Curtis and Jerry who were brother-in-laws sold their company in 1972, which subsequently was sold and resold over the years. The company still produces metal sculptures including reissues of popular mid century designs. Curtis Jeré vintage designs are sold a fine galleries and auction houses.

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Crane floor lamp c1970s (top)
Copper petal sunflower wall mirror c1970s (2nd)
Owl on Branch sculpture c1968 (3rd)
Musical Notes & Microphone sculpture c1973 (4th)
Chrome cloverleaf glass top cocktail table c1970s (bottom)

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